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Motorcycle locksmith houston is proud to announce that can provide lost key replacement services for all Ducati bikes. Most of all is that we can do the Ducati key replacement on site. If you have purchased a Ducati Motorcycle you want to operate your bike any way you want. There are two separate keys that you should get with your bike one is red and the other is black. The red key is also used to program or add a spare key to the bike. The black key is for the starting of the bike. Therefore it cannot be used to program or add keys to the bike. Hence if you lose the red and the black keys you will need a professional locksmith services to make you a new key.

Thinking About Going To The Dealer? Think Again!

Most of the Ducati dealers CANT MAKE YOU a key replacement. Instead they will tell you that they need to replace the ECU, CLUSTER, IGNITION AND ALL THE LOCKS. On top of all that you will need to haul the bike and leave it there for a week at least. But wait there’s more, the dealership charges can go up to GET READY ( 3,000$ ) yes that’s right 3,000$. Who would pay that just to get a Ducati replacement key made. Therefore if you would need a lost or damaged key replacement services. Our motorcycle locksmith Houston can make the key for you and SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY.

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How We Make A Ducati Key Replacement?

Motorcycle locksmith houston is the leading motorcycle key replacement services in the greater Houston area. Therefore to make your key replacement we do not have to go thru all this agonizing process. Because we can make an actual key for your bike without replacing a thing on it. Hence the replacement key services price drops drastically and becomes reasonable and affordable. Also we can provide you with a key duplication as well even if you DON’T HAVE THE RED KEY.

Our motorcycle locksmiths work with high quality parts and products. Also we offer our Ducati key replacement with only state of the art key cutting and programming equipment. Therefore when you call for your lost or damaged key replacement you should know you are in good hands. Because not all of the Ducati key replacement procedures are the same. In some cases we will need to take the cluster and the ignition to the shop till the next day. But it has no effect on you because we will still come and start the Ducati key replacement job at your location and will come back to finish it. Therefore you do not need to bring it to us ( unless you want to ).

Helping Clients From Other States.

Another thing that we do is help make keys for your Ducati bike even if you are in another state. How can we do that? Well much of the motorcycle key replacement procedure will be on you. Because you will need to do the removal and installation of the parts.

  1. You will need to remove the cluster and the ignition cylinder.
  2. Also you will need to handle shipping all of it to us.

But with all of this hard work you can still save a bunch of money by not going to the dealer for you Ducati key services. Get us the cluster and the ignition and will program you another key for your bike.

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